Things to Check Before Switching your Phone Carrier

As we all know the Telecommunication market is so competitive and they always come up with great offers to beat their competitor, and leaving customers in dilemma of switching their carrier. So if you are looking to switch your carriers for some cool deals, here are the check list to do when switching. These 4 things you need to check before switching from your carrier.

Coverage Area

Things to Check Before Switching your Phone Carrier

The most important thing you need to check before switching to other network is to check their coverage area, may be this will be the reason you are switching but do also check the coverage map of your desired network carrier on which you are looking to switch,because coverage matters the most as if low prices, prompt customer support and good handset will not beneficial if its coverage is bad. The network coverage map is available on internet. These maps will show the accurate image of coverage, but gives you good idea on overall basis. Check all the locations where you generally visits.

Check All Available Options

Things to Check Before Switching your Phone Carrier

There is another option and that is you should be able to port your current phone number over to the new desired service provider. But sometime you might need to buy a new  cellphone because of the compatibility issues, as T-Mobile and AT&T uses the GSM networks, but VERIZON and SPRINT uses CDMA.

Complete Costing and Offerings

Do check for different fees, and make calculation that how much it will be costly. Sometimes you have to bear cost of leaving the old carrier or not finishing the contract results in  paying of some additional charges of EFT i.e. Early Termination Fees.

Also do check the deals and offers provided by the desired and current carrier companies. They always try to bound their customers for a longer period with their deals. Check their offers, limited time offers on everything like on add-ons, accessories, data usage or in form of any discount. Just do your complete homework and compare both current and desire carrier. Also check the tethering hotspot option which is very important to consider when switching.

Word Of Mouth

Things to Check Before Switching your Phone Carrier

After getting all research on your own,now find some of your friend or any relative who is already using your desired network on which you are looking to switch. They will guide you best about the coverage quality, prices of deals and the customer service treatment. So the combination of your research and the review taken by your fellows will be in a fruitful result fr you when switching your carrier.

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