5 Easy Steps To Fix Water Damaged Phone

How To Fix Water Damaged Smart Phone

If Your Phone has fallen into sink, toilet or any other place containing water then it could be a nightmare for you. Its not he end of the world for you, there are still good chances to save your phone if you don’t panic.

What you cannot afford right after your phone is water damaged:

  • Do not try to open the phone as it will get permenantly damaged.
  • Do not press any buttons.
  • Do not try to charge your phone.
  • Do not try to dry your phone through any heating device.
  • Dont move your phone as water can spread through your entire phone.

  • 5 Steps That Can Bring Your Water Damaged Pone Back To Life:

    1. Turn your phone off immediately.

    2. Remove your battery, Sim card and SD card.

    How To Fix Water Damaged Smart Phone

    3. Dry external parts with a towel or vacuum cleaner.

    4. The most essential step is to dry your phone internally which will take some time. You need a bag containing rice and it should be ziplock. Ensure that your phone stays in the bag for at least 2-3 days as rice will help drying liquid from your phone.

    5 Easy Steps To Fix Water Damage Phone

    5. Open your phone and there are good chances that it will work.

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