How to Block Someone From Facebook Live

Facebook Live Video feature is progressing faster and faster in this digital world, as many people uses it as an marketing tools but most of the people also uses it for there personal use. So to make most of in the security department of Facebook Live feature, Facebook also provides its user and blocking option in Facebook Live Video. This option enables individual to block someone to stream your Live Video, especially while Video is already running. This issue appears when someone already watching your Live Video and starts spamming and doing some abusive stuff so you have the right to Block him from your video.

How to block Someone from Your Running Facebook Live Video

While in a running video you need to block someone who commented abusive on your video. Simple click on the profile picture shown in the comment section. The Block option will appear to block the particular individual. From here you can do this. If you do the same thing with the person who is already blocked then the Unblock option will appear.

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How to block Someone from Facebook Live Video

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